ADLM Group

ADLM Group is the Australian trading company involved in export and import of a range of products. We are specialised in sourcing high quality products and supplying them to international markets.

We work closely with our trading partners to achieve our mutual objectives. Our strength is our ability to understand each market and target particular sectors and industries to achieve our goals.

Products traded are food and non-food, commodities and finished, ready to use goods. Only the highest quality, standards tested products are traded by ADLM Group.  Our product range is comprehensive, consisting of well established brands and supplied by reputable and reliable suppliers.

ADLM Group provides its customers with quality products and on time delivery.

We tend to get deep understanding of customer requirements and needs, as well as the understanding of brands and products within different markets to maximize the benefits for our trading partners.

ADLM Group can help businesses grow and expand into the new markets while trading with ease.

About Us

ADLM Group is an Australian trading company based in Melbourne, specialised in sourcing and exporting quality products and commodities to international markets.

Our focus is on:

  • Customer and Market
  • Quality
  • Price and Delivery

We make sure we understand our customers and their markets, as well as the products and their uses in order to expand into new markets.

ADLM Group has strong commitment to quality, reliability and customers’ needs and our aim is to deliver the best products at the best prices on time. We offer personalised service ensuring the trading parties meet their requirements in satisfactory way.

Each market and industry changing needs and priorities are constantly monitored. The understanding of our markets and our customer needs are achieved by investing time into travel to personally meet with our customers get insight into their market and really understand their needs.

ADLM Group devotes enormous time and effort to studying suppliers industries and visiting their premises that provides thorough knowledge of each and every source of supply.


ADLM Group is specialised in supplying international markets with quality:

  • Food products
  • Non-food products
  • Commodities

We trade in a wide range of quantities and we can find specific amounts of commodities at globally competitive prices for our customers, and secure the best market prices for our suppliers.

The benefits of trading with ADLM Group include:

Best Prices – We source high quality products and commodities at very competitive prices

High Quality – ADLM Group trades only the highest quality, proven products, meaning better value for your money and for your business

On Time Delivery – Trading with ADLM Group ensures fast, efficient and reliable movement of your goods


Marketing and Advisory

ADLM Group is specialised in Sales and Marketing in the international markets. We may supply advisory services to the companies that want to export into the new markets.

We help businesses to:

  • Develop Sales and Marketing Export plans
  • Set up export systems
  • Provide training to key personnel

ADLM Group also may act on behalf of our customers as their representative in the export market and manage various aspects of its development including:

  • Product supply
  • Product development
  • Distribution channels development and management
  • Marketing – promotion and advertising


ADLM Group

Phone: 0449 891 024  ; International: (+61)449 891 024


Address:  Queens Rd  Melbourne Vic 3004